Nothing unites us quite like music does. It amplifies inclusivity on a global scale. Growing up in Argentina and splitting time between Canada and the United States, Eveta infuses unpredictable and undeniable pop with a dynamic perspective informed by an equally diverse journey. After generating just shy of a million streams independently, the artist, singer, songwriter, and performer welcomes everyone with an open heart on his official 2020 debut EP, Higher.

“I believe in diversity,” he exclaims. “I think we become better by being more open-minded. I want to put that ideal into my music and performances. My brand is full of positivity and kindness. Who I am will always reflect in what I do.”

He discovered himself in Río Cuarto, Argentina—a small town of 100,000. Mom worked as a housekeeper and dad painted houses. The youngest of four kids with three older sisters, he gravitated towards the arts as “the weird kid in the family. He initially picked up salsa dancing in high school in addition to singing traditional Argentinian folk. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Shakira, and Madonna, he dreamed of a career in music and chased it at 19-years-old. Relocating to Montreal, he supported himself by working in coffee shops and walking dogs in addition to attending French school. 

In between tirelessly developing his sound, he moved to Toronto. He made his debut on stage through a series of head-turning performances at the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival. In late 2019, Eveta traveled to Los Angeles in order to record Higher alongside producer Shayon Daniels out of the world-famous Black Eyed Peas studio in Atwater Village, CA. 

The project reflected his every side with pop universality, Latin flavour, and boundless energy.

“The EP is simply my state of mind,” he states. “I’m a very positive person, and I wanted the music to have influences from different parts of my personality and the world. There are Latin moments. There are also very American bops. At the same time, the title has a social message. It’s my way of saying, ‘We need to wake up. We need to make a difference. We need to change’. It embodies everything I want to say.”

He introduced Higher with “Te Quiero”. Right out of the gate, the bilingual banger popped off with 300K Spotify streams. On its heels, “Glitter Bomb” transmits an important affirmation through handclaps, horns, and a cheerleader-style chant.

“I’m a part of the LGBTQ community, and I went through a lot of bullying in school,” he admits. “The song is all about rising above your haters and being your own biggest fan.”

Meanwhile, “Serve” slips from intimate verses and a falsetto bridge into a hypnotic hook, “Serving you bitches since 1993, serving you bitches since Freddie Mercury. 

“It is all about LGBTQ and women’s empowerment,” he states. “I grew up in a Latina household, so it’s natural for me. We’re here. We’re conquering and achieving for women and LGBTQ people. It’s a fun song with a political statement.”

In the end, Eveta brings listeners everywhere together on his own terms.

“When you listen to me, I’d love for you to feel like you can do and achieve anything,” he leaves off. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is, your sexual orientation, or the color of your skin. That’s what I’d like for you to think and feel.”